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<p>Treat your lips to PureGloss® Lip Gloss shades that soothe, hydrate and nourish your lips for a fresh, pretty look.</p><p>Our PureGloss® Lip Glosses have always been one of our most popular products and now we’ve made them even better.</p><ul><li>Natural-looking, sheer tint of color.</li><li>Ultra-glossy without feeling tacky.</li><li>Soothing and protective with natural calming properties.</li><li>Remarkably long-lasting.</li><li>Free of petroleum-based ingredients.</li></ul><p>We’ve improved the packaging so you get a flatter, sexier tube with a longer wand and more product. We’ve also improved the formula so it protects and nurtures your lips with state-of-the-art ingredients and a wonderful flavour – berry fresh. We’ve kept your favorite colours like Iced Mocha and added some new ones like Beach Plum that has won rave reviews from everyone around here. - A luxurious formula that feels lusciously creamy on the lips - Moringa butter and avocado oil make lips feel conditioned, moisturised, quenched and nourished - Remarkably long‐lasting - Free of petroleum‐based products</p>

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