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<h2><strong>FOR SKIN, HAIR AND NAILS CONVENIENT DAILY BLISTER STRIPS CONTAINS VITAMIN D, IRON AND VITAMIN C</strong></h2><p>Convenient daily blister strips each containing 4 supplements; a multivitamin and mineral, antioxidant complex, vitamin C with black elderberry and bilberry extracts plus omega 3 and 6 fatty acids.</p><ul><li>Broad spectrum supplement supports wellbeing.</li><li>The combination includes vitamins A &amp; C, riboflavin and zinc for normal skin</li><li>Selenium and biotin for hair, along with selenium and zinc for nails.</li></ul><p>The advanced formulation also contains vitamin D, iron and vitamin C for the normal function of the immune system and antioxidant nutrients such as vitamin E , plus manganese to help protect cells from oxidative stress.</p><p>HEALTH BENEFITS</p><p>The European Food Safety Authority is the agency that provides independent scientific advice and reviews the scientific evidence relating health claims to vitamins and minerals. These are the claims that this independent agency has approved for ingredients in our Skin Vitality 2.</p>

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